Have you ever spent time around people who are too smart to think?  They have an innate ability to spit back information straight from a text book or manual, but when you ask them to use critical thinking skills everything falls apart.

I have found that oftentimes people in organizations across the board use their degrees and their position titles as a crutch.  They love to follow, they tend to do the same things over and over again using old and outdated processes that leave group members frustrated, and overwhelmed.  And because they are too smart for their own good, they always think they are right!

So what is the result?  A lack of growth, and employees that continue to go bored.  If you are like me you dread attending meetings with these folks because things never change.  It’s the same agenda, the same process, the same issues over and over again.  To put it simply, nothing is ever accomplished due to a lack of thinking for a change.

Are you the type of leader that has the ability to think critically?  Or are you too smart for your own good?  Here are some questions that will help you evaluate if you are too smart to think or not:

  • Do you inspire the people around you?
  • What types of problems are you solving?
  • Do you continually ask the question “why” are we doing this?
  • Do you empower your people enough to make decisions, or do you make decisions for them?
  • Are your meetings putting people to sleep?
  • Are you producing results?
  • How are you getting better as a leader?
  • How is your organization getting better as a result?