project plan

Having been involved with events for decades, I have learned that some things matter, and some things don’t.

There are numerous facets to producing an event.  Many are seen, and ever more are left unseen.  If you are producing an event for 30,000 ticket buyers, or if you are creating a small, intimate gathering for key clients, the elements of your production are vital.  We spend hours creating and planning production elements that are “seen.”  These elements include lighting, audio, video, staging, decorations, etc…….but we also spend hours developing our production log.  Our production logs create the flow for the event, the transitions from one segment to another.  Some events have just a few elements and others have pages upon pages of details flow information.

A proper production log seamlessly takes the “seen” or visual portions of the event and brings them together.  It can lead an audience towards a response or action.  It can lead donors towards fundraising…it can lead a fan to yelling and clapping.  However, an event without a properly executed production log can miss those opportunities and leave your audience with no emotions, feelings, or connection to your production.

You can spend thousands of dollars on equipment for a production, but don’t miss out on developing a creative and professional manner to use that equipment for the long-term results of your event by focusing on the preparation and execution of your production.

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